In his only interview, Chico Nixon sang, “You may think it’s crazy, but it’s a blessing to hear this level of greatness every time I open my mouth”
     Seldom does a persona come along that registers on the seismic charts.
     Then there’s Chico Nixon.
     Born in Cobblestone, Nebraska as Jeminez ‘Yimmy’ Smiff around 1973. His beginnings were not easy. His mother, LeThonyah, exposed Chico to the sounds of the soft 70’s while waiting tables with her now regionally famous speech impediment. His father, dethroned local wrestling legend Charles “Wide Tide” Evans- Smith, managed a used tractor lot out side of town. Charles gave his offspring opposing lessons in the ways of troubadours like Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard while on the road trying to relive his glory days.
     The volatile mixture of the wresting road, coupled with constant bickering over mothers speech problems drove Chico to his room to seek solace in music. This refuge became a passion including the influences of KISS and Van Halen brought in from his older sisters. The combination of those styles resulted in nights of peace to his troubled soul, however, late one night on AM radio, he heard what his life was created for.
     At the age of 6, Jeminez became Chico Nixon and has refused to answer to his self proclaimed ‘child name’ ever since. His obsession with the Bee Gees became so driven, Barry Gibb had the first and only lifetime International order of protection leveled against the then 15 year old Chico. Disco was indeed dead.

     In 1990 against medical advice, Chico flew to Guatemala to meet with surgeons to alter his voice to open the high register like his idol, Barry Gibb. The surgery was a partial success, the soft falsetto voice he longed for was perfect. However, Chico also suffered a terrifying reaction to anesthesia with result that would scar him and catapult him to fame. Chico lost ability to speak normally. For 15 years, he spent his hours in solitude, below the surface in an abandoned missile silo. He trained himself to sing his thoughts, to fill the communication gap. Don Sunshine found Chico by chance on MySpace and history was made.

     According to Google, the word danger is defined as “the possibility of suffering harm or injury.”

     This definition is a bit different.

     Reggie Danger grew up in the tough streets of South Barcelona,

Oregon as Reginald Bartholomew Kath in the late 70s. Due to his love

of hypnotic disco beats, his days were subject of ridicule and

shame. That was until one day, while being chased by a pack of rabid

street hoodlums, he became a legend.

     On a warm spring day in 1979 running to avoid the impending painful

wedgies the kids gave him, Reggie spring-boarded off of

an old mattress 27 feet across roof lines to safety. Midway across the jump, as if in a movie, witnesses say a beam of light shot down from the sky and clearly heard Reginald sing “I’m STAYING ALIVE!" while simultaneously drop-kicking said hoodlums across the face in a manner that would make Bruce Lee blush.

     From that point, only 2.5 things mattered to Reginald. The combined thrill of Disco and Daredevilry, and Math.

     His music career began by accident (no pun intended). The then

young Reggie Danger had a thriving career up and down the West Coast as a top attraction in the B-rate Circus Circuit. Then, on a hot August

afternoon, tragedy struck. The "Terrific Metallic Ball of DANGER" was his

major success story. Reggie, along with 5 trained Silverback gorillas

would ride mini-choppers in a metal sphere to the beats of Jungle

Boogie by Kool & the Gang. Somehow, one of the gorillas, Caesar, became ambitious and let the air out of Reggie's tires, causing the entire ball to collapse and burn the entire main tent down. Thankfully no one was hurt, but Reggie's career never recovered... or did it?

     He saw this as a sign from the cosmos and turned to his first passion, MUSIC!

     Combining superb vocals and mesmerizing drumming skills, Reggie

quickly became another kind of danger, the ultimate danger... STUNT DRUMMING!

     Has Don Sunshine always been the ray of light he displays on stage?  Kinda.  

     Piotr Vodkif McScarloff was born to Scottish immigrants in South El Paso, TX. As a young man, he attended the prestigious Siberian Pinnacle Pass of Our Blessed, Holy, and Crazy-Awesome Savior’s School for Troubled Youth and Wayward Teens in Yugoslavia, NC on a scholarship for his miraculously clear voice, bass playing skills... along with 6 car theft charges. 

     Soon after his "scholarship" ran its course, he changed his name and moved to Los Angeles to make a new life for himself. His charisma and lucky, Scottish charms allowed him to land a job hosting a local game show, “Square of Misfortune”. The show was cancelled after only 3 months due to a copyright infringement lawsuit, yet Don’s star was on the rise. He eventually landed a job filling in for Deney Terrio on “Dance Fever”, however hi sbig break would come when he was hired to be the host of the widely popular music and dance show, “Solid Gold”.

     Unfortunately, in his second season an infamous on-air brawl with celebrity John Davidson would see Don replaced by singer Andy Gibb. Sunshine was crushed, yet he saw a glimmer of light in the dark clouds that were forming overhead. If Mr. Gibb could take his job, then two could play that game show. He dusted off his bass and decided then and there that DON SUNSHINE would show the world the light of truth.  

Disco Truth.

Candy sax 1.jpg

     CANDY FAIRCHILD was glamorous since the day she was born and the legends of her meteoric rise prove it.

     Born Deborah Pamela Sue Ellen Vickers in Wallabashery, Wisconsin, on a small, but comfortable butter bean farm. She lived in harmony with the land and it’s surroundings as nature intended... until that one fateful late summer day.

     DPSEV (or Dips-eve as her friends called her) at an early age exhibited the attributes of stardom, At age 6, she started the first and only ten year consecutive run as Mayer County Butter Bean Beauty and Accordion Champion, an accomplishment that landed her picture and blood sample stored in the time capsule at the Mayer County Court House! Life was good for Dips-eve until age 16, when her prized bovine kicked the A.M. radio off the table and changed the station to the local Disco broadcast. Dips-Eve sat in bewilderment and pure delight as the drive and pulse of DISCO INFERNO charged boldly thought that one inch plastic speaker. Dips-eve then said goodbye to the days of Chuck Mangione and Johnny Mathis, and CANDY FAIRCHILD said HELLO to Donna Summer.

     The following days were difficult for Candy, as she relinquished her title of Butter Bean Beauty and traded her Golden Accordion for a used pawn shop saxophone and Casio Keyboard. She then packed her bags, bought a used Pinto, and left home in search of others who felt that Disco drive.

     Deborah Pamela Sue Ellen Vickers had left her mark on Wallabashery, but now CANDY FAIRCHILD was let loose to leave a Disco Sized Stain on the world.